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     “First Church of the Brethren”
     A Brief History

Following the Reformation, eight people united in fellowship in Schwarzenau, Germany, under the leadership of Alexander Mack. The Christian Movement came into being out of Bible study and prayer, and a desire to re-establish New Testament Christianity. It was their purpose and the leadership of the Holy Spirit to accept the New Testament as their rule of faith and practice, and to follow the Spirits teachings of Jesus Christ rather than to adopt a man-made creed.

The small group of Brethren found refuge in Pennsylvania, during the years 1719 1729. The mother church in America was located in Germantown Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. The original church building still stands.

The first Brethren family known in our area was the family of John Bowman in 1850. Mr. Bowman was a merchant in Johnson City.

In April of 1924, four women proposed the first meeting that led to the organization of the church, now known as the First Church of the Brethren and was located on Chilhowie Avenue. The building was dedicated on January 29, 1928.

In 1970, the State Highway Department requisitioned the church property to make way for a new highway, now known as interstate 26.

That same year a gift of land was given to the church by Robert White, known as the Boones Creek Community. Upon this land a new house of Worship and an Educational-Fellowship Hall was built.

We are a group of believers standing firm upon the Living Word of God. We are known as a Christian Fellowship of believers and invite all who seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to join us.



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